Once you realize how many products are being replaced with engineered Fiberglass composites, you get the feeling that this is the material of choice, no matter what the application.

The following is a list of common products that you are familiar with:

Common Fiberglass Products

Aircraft: With the high strength to weight, fiberglass is ideal for plane fuselage, propellers and nose cones of high performance jets.

Automotive: Bodies and bumpers, from cars to heavy commercial construction equipment, truck beds, even armored vehicles. All of these are constantly exposed to the extremes of climate and subjected to abusive wear and tear.

Boats: 95% of boats are made by fiberglass, due its ability to withstand the elements under heat and cold. Its resistance to corrosion, both salt water and atmospheric pollution.

Construction: Bridge decking steel bars are being replaced with fiberglass, it has the strength of steel but resists corrosion. Suspension bridges for spans so wide that if made of steel, they would collapse under their own weight. Fiberglass road guard rails which have proven to be stronger than their steel counterparts. Hydro transmission towers, to street light poles, to street manhole covers due to their strength, light weight and durability.

Household Fixtures: Shower stalls, laundry tubs, hot tubs, ladders and fiber optic cables.

Other: Golf clubs and carts, snow mobiles, hockey sticks, playground equipment, skis and ski poles, fishing rods, travel trailers, helmets.

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